In site-mutative painting, her first exhibition at Yuill/Crowley, Claudia Chaseling’s Spatial Paintings transform the gallery’s exhibition space. Initially developed during her time in London in 2007, while undertaking a Samstag scholarship, Chaseling’s Spatial Paintings combine biomorphic forms and vibrant abstraction. They aim to distort the exhibition space visually so it seems, in the artist’s words, “to tear apart.” Included here are Chaseling’s distinctive oviform paintings, a format tested at her Art Omi residency in New York last year and incorporated into a Spatial Painting worked on the gallery walls and floor for the first time.

Chaseling frequently develops ideas by drawing and painting graphic novels, a form with many echoes in this exhibition. Two series of works on paper show something of her thought processes. The Drafts for Spatial Paintings reveal her working out the paintings’ three dimensional logic, while a series of over-painted postcards from places she has visited record the meditative, highly concentrated process of her visual thinking.

Munich-born, now Berlin-based, Chaseling divides her times between Germany and Australia where she studied from 2003-2008. Her influences range widely: post-war American abstraction, German Romanticism, Yirrkala painting from North East Arnhem Land, Byzantine icons, and most importantly, the Viennese Actionist Hermann Nitsch from whom she learned the necessity of “being absolutely present” when painting. Confronting Chaseling’s paintings requires a similar attentiveness.

Ingrid Periz, July 2018.

Involution... Site Mutative Painting (2018) Aluminium, egg tempera, acrylic on wall and floor, site specific, Dimensions variable

Detail: Involution... Site Mutative Painting (2018)
Silent Chain (2018) Leaf aluminium, egg tempera, oil on canvas, oviform 120 x 200 cm

Left: Devolution (2017) Aluminium, egg tempera, oil on canvas 110 x110 cm
Right: Akimbo (2015) Egg tempera, oil on canvas 150 x 150 cm

Right: Beetle (2014) Egg tempera, oil on canvas 140 x 140 cm

Far Right: Involution (2018) Leaf aluminium, egg tempera, oil on canvas 140 x 140 cm